Hair loss in men | Toupees, wigs and hairpieces for men

Men have different reasons for their hair loss. Some of the most common hair loss reasons known are

  • cancer treatment (chemotherapy / radiotherapy)
  • Hereditary Hair Loss / Androgenetic Hair Loss
  • Circular hair loss / alopecia areata
  • diffuse hair loss / hormonal and physical causes

Although hair loss in men is generally accepted socially, there are more and more men who would like to keep / regain their full hair.

Men rely on us for their hair loss solution

Our custom wigs / toupees and hairpieces offer men the following benefits:

  • They are invisibly cut to match your head and hair color
  • Hand-made  with a natural look and bleached knots to blend in better
  • Sports, swimming, working out, and other activities are not an issue

Our hair pieces are made of real hair with a mesh fitting that allows the hair to regrow and is indistinguishable from your own hair with a natural hairline.

More than a toupee or a wig for men

As mentioned above, being bald is not an issue for many men out there and it is perfectly normal. However, for many others it is a great psychological burden to lose their hair for whatever reason. We are familiar with the worries that come with losing hair and the psychological toll it might take on some. Reviv was founded to help those men who need a way to get back their hair. Let us show you with a free consultation why a custom hair piece from Reviv is a decision you will never regret. 

celebrities who wear hair pieces

Hugh Laurie

John Travolta

Al pacino

Matthew McConaughey

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